Friday, June 20, 2008

AISEP Photos - Part 2

It's 1.40 a.m. now and since I'm so bored and listening to Weiss kreuz songs at the same time (Weiss kreuz songs always keep me awake throughout the night because their songs are fantastic that I want to keep listening to it!).

Anyways here's the photo that I promise to show it to everyone when I got it from the other members of AISEP. All these photos are taken by Marie, a very kawaii girl. ^^v

1st Day
The scenery of Beijing...

Beijing's terrible traffic jam...

Nikko Hotel's room...

And then the photos of our first day presentation:


"Ehehehe. Everything is as I have planned!"

Shisho-Sensei of 7-Dan professional Shogi player!

"Am I suppose to sing like Aerosmith?"

"Can I talk about my love life instead of funny story?" <--- he actually said that!

"Am I suppose to speak into the mic?"

"Um.... what am I suppose to say again?"

Kazuma looks cool when he's serious. @_@

Photos of foods first...

The so-called "China Hamburger"

After all the munching it's group photo time!!!

Three good-looking guys. Yum Yum.

Paul managed to hook up two gals. Way to go, man!

Say Cheese no.1!

Say Cheese no.2!

Say Cheese no.3!

Say zzzzzzz <---tired

Shogi Night

SHOGI BANZAI! <----wait...they're actually playing Chinese Chess!?

They played Chinese Chess throughout the night and it's only one game! Truly a match between professionals! <--- not a joke.

Um... you're suppose to play Shogi right now???

2nd Day
On our second day of presentation we talked about our own country and cultures.

Close-up photos...


"Gender balance... what should we talk about?"

"I have a weird dream last night. And yes, you're in the dream too."


"Yes, we understand your problems."

Sleepy...sleepy....NO! MUST AWAKE! Sleepy...

Staff Meeting

"Yes, I'm a staff too. What are you looking at?"



Important meeting going on...


Olympic Stadium

The Park

The old man with the sunglasses, "think you can beat us, punk? We've been playing here everyday for years!"

Arrival of Habu and Chess Institute

Dinner Party

Habu's Q&A Session

Show me your cute smile, Habu-sensei!

A group photo of everyone.

3rd Day
Habu's Talk Session

Kawaii girls! ^.^'

"Can I have your number?"

Good work, everyone.

Japan Foundation and Presentation

Our bento lunch. It was tasty!

Um... you are suppose to be prepare a presentation, not playing Chinese Chess?

Taichi's Birthday!

"I felt like a celebrity."

Lovely couple. ^.^

Taichi's beloved chocolate cake. I love chocolate cake too! =/

A surprise cake given by the hotel! WOW!

A great man needs a great knife to cut his great birthday cake. That's what men should be!

Food, food, food and more FOOD!

Desert of the year. Best food EVER!


Cheer up, Kazuki. We know it's not your birthday.

Why is everyone taking photos of the ceiling!???

Congratulations on your engagement, both of you! CONGRATS!

Punishment Game during Dinner



Gift Exchanges

That's all for the photos.

Looking back at all these AISEP photos, I would like to say that I'm glad I've created such splendid memories during my stay in Beijing eventhough it's only three days. Words can't really describe my feelings as I look over all these photos again and again. They're really nice people, REALLY! It has really been fun hanging out with everyone! I really enjoy myself alot! I'm really looking forward to see them again in the coming future if there is ever a chance!

Less but not least...


oops, wrong photo. Let's try it again.


Ryou Takehito

PS: Thanks for all the photos, Marie!