Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Late New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I'm very sorry that I did not update my blog for a very long time. This is mainly because my new semester has begun and I'm too busy with my semester and my life.

During my holidays in December I thought I could finish up at least three Shogi books but unfortunately I only finished up one because I was asked by my parents to help them build up a website, which has almost took up all of my leisure time. Aside from being busy, I do tend to read Shogi books whenever I have a short break inbetween my hectic life.

I am happy to announce that I am finally 1-DAN!!! WOOHOO! Finally a dream come true! I was playing against the president of the Shogi Club in Kuala Lumpur, who has the strength of about 5-Dan amateur. We played Yagura Joseki (opening or fundamentals) but because I have forgotten about the Joseki, I tried to play the opening with concentration and understanding. My opening turns out well as both of us have already created Kin-Yagura (Gold Fortress) and he was a step ahead to attack my base with his bishop on the left side of the board (I am sente, or black player). Without knowing what to do next, I bring my rightside silver to attack the bishop on the leftside of the board. It turns out well when we exchange silvers but I made a fatal mistake that have almost cost me the game - being greedy. I immediately drop my silver, trying to take his rook on the 82  (or 8B) square. He dropped his silver too, trying to take my rook but he has one extra turn than me. Next, he keeps on attacking my castle and I keep on defending. When his attack finally runs out, I surprised him that I was actually destroying his castle! Unfortunately I did not successfully defeat him because I made two fatal mistakes. My attack was one move late. If only I did not make two of those mistakes I would have probably won him. Though I lost to him, I was happy with my performance. Remember back in July I was playing against an old man in University Malaya during the Japan Language Festival? It was that old man! Back then I couldn't even touch his base, but now I almost checkmate him! He was amaze at my performance and ask me what level I am. I told him that I was ranked 3-kyu and he told me that I actually have the strength of 1-Dan amateur! I was happy to be told that I am 1-Dan! My dream has finally achieved after such a long period of hard work and studies!

Few days ago I received a comment from someone in this blog that he wants me to teach him Shogi. I really don't mind teaching beginners how to play Shogi but his request was different. He wants me to teach him how to improve in Shogi! I never have anyone teaching me Shogi before so I don't really know what to teach him. But I'll do my best to improve his Shogi! The only annoying problem is that he is staying in Portugal, which has 8 hours of difference between our time. It will be difficult for me to find time to teach him Shogi especially I have to wake up 6.30 a.m. the next day since the only time we're both using the internet are during the midnight (my time). I think the only free time to teach him is during the weekends.

I guess that's all. To end this post, I will talk about my New Year Resolutions!
My new year resolutions are:
1. Achieved 2-Dan amateur within this year!
2. Read up at least 3 psychology books.
3. Write at least 3 stories this year.

Once again I wished everyone a happy new year!

Ryou Takehito