Monday, October 12, 2009

Short Update Part 2


been very busy with assignments and presentations for the past few weeks (even now!)

However, I was able to finish two Shogi books ('Strongest Ibisha Anaguma' by Sato Yasumitsu and 'Basic Joseki Essense: Yagura' by Akira Shima)

I felt that both books are very helpful for beginner players, as 'Strongest Ibisha Anaguma' teaches about the strength and weakness of Anaguma, double Anaguma and also about the 'Fujii System'. The 'Fujii system' is especially useful, as it teaches you the counter-strategies for 'Fujii System', and also how you can play the 'Fujii System' if you're playing fourth-file rook.

As for the 'Basic Joseki Essense: Yagura' is also useful for amateurs, as it gives alot of in-depth explanations for each moves such as P16, P15, Sx86 instead of Px86 etc. Really useful if you want to be a specialist in Yagura.

Right now I am studying 'Basic Joseki Essense: Kakugawari' (Bishop Exchange) by Kazuharu Shoshi. I hope I can give more updates in future after my assignment days are over. Nevertheless, I will not neglect my Shogi studies even during these busy times.

Ryou Takehito

PS: My internet is finally back!