Friday, May 30, 2008

Pack and ready to go!

Hey all!

Tomorrow's finally the big day! Because of this I've decided to let you know what I have done today! Well, actually I didn't do anything much but at least I've finished up one of my presentations! Took me the whole day to do it too! I even got most of my stuff pack!

Don't mind about my messy room. I've only done packing my clothes but not my other stuffs. And I just finish my presentation at that time. And guess what I had for dinner? guessed it! It's Mc Donalds! LOL! One grilled chicken foldover large meal and a Mc Flurry Oreo. YUM YUM! It's going to be my last food in Malaysia before departing for Beijing.

And this is after I've got everything packed except my shampoo. No, I'm not going to bring the box to Beijing! What do you think I'm going to Beijing for? Exporting a box full of drugs? Oops, looks like the secret has been uncovered. =X   Red Luggage for my clothes, the Nike bag for my traveling or shopping and my laptop bag. Now you might be thinking why I haven't pack my laptop. You silly old goat, I still need to use it so I can upload my photos from my camera and write my journal!

Anyways I'm really really REALLY glad that everything went smooth and fine. Now I just have to chill back, relax and wait for my transport tomorrow. My dream of meeting Habu is getting closer and closer. Well, six hours left till my transport arrives, I think I better start getting some sleep. Oh, I will be reporting my stay in Beijing everyday so look out for it! I'll be very sure to take plenty of photos!

Ryou Takehito the happy bastard who ought to be shoot down by a gun

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Two Days Left!

till I left for Beijing!

Since it's two days before AISEP (Asian Intellectual Shogi Exchange Program), today I receive a very shocking e-mail from the host. I was asked to do three different kinds of presentation in two days! Oh my god! Aside from those I actually spent the whole day helping out my dad with his "Puja Events". Since I'm so good in Maths let's do a little Maths, shall we? =)

Since I just receive the e-mail and have to finish the presentation in 2 days the equation is:

Three presentations + finish in two days = trouble

And then plus that I helped out my dad today...

three presentation + finish in two days + help out dad (wasted one day) = deep trouble

And the time right now is 10pm...

three presentations + finish in two days + help out dad the whole day + 10pm right now = super deep trouble

To make things worst, I'm a little clueless about what I'm suppose to write for my topics so...

three presentations + finish in two days + help out dad the whole day + 10pm right now + clueless about topic = SUPER DUPER MEGA HOLYCR*P SH*T TROUBLE! NOOOOOO!

I wish the host could have send me the topic earlier rather than now. *sigh* I'm actually doing the presentation right now while crying. I wish I could have shown you my face right now. LOL (but why am I wasting time writing this journal?).

Anyways back to doing my presentation *cries* See you next time.

Ryou Takehito the crying bastard

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Eventhough it's only level 1 AI, but I beat it with ease. I hope to improve more in the future.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Goodbye my holiday =(

Sup all?

Anyways below are the list of stuffs that I'm going to do during my stay in Beijing. The longer the arrow means the higher the priority of the stuff that I want to do. So let's begin now. =)

--------------------->go eat good food and desserts! Yum!
-----> buy a musical keyboard for my little sister.
--------------------------------------------------> buy a magnetic Shogi set and probably a new Shogi set.
---------------->buy a birthday gift for Grandma.
------------------------------------------------------------------------>let Habu sign my Shogi board and take photos with him.
------------------------------->Eat at Quanjude.
----------->buy 'Go' books for my friend.
--> play Shogi with someone else throughout the night.
---------------------------------------> send a postcard to my little sister.

This is the list of stuffs that I think of, for now. Hope I can think of more stuffs I can do while I'm in Beijing! WOO! Anyways see you all next week. I'll try to find time to write my story as possible as I can! Cheers!

Ryou Takehito

Friday, May 16, 2008


Hey all,

IT'S FINALLY HOLIDAYS! And for this journal I will be showing a lot of pictures that I've promised in the past!

The first picture I'm going to proudly show is the present that my friends bought for me last month for my birthday.

Yes, it is all in Japanese! I don't know what my friends are thinking, buying a Japanese-language Shogi book for me. I can't understand a thing at all! But thank god I managed to understand the kifu (kifu - the moves in the game) and it only took me 4 hrs to finish this book! Definitely the best present I've receive for this year. Thank you my dear best friends!

This is the second Tsume Shogi book (Mating Solving problems) book I've bought in Kinokuniya, eventhough I didn't finish the first one. It is very tough but useful. The other day I was in Kinokuniya reading another tsume shogi book and inside it there's a little small test to determine your strength. I tried it out and found out I was at least 7 kyu. I'm not really sure whether I'm this strong or not but I prefer ranking myself as 9 kyu. I want to be a powerful 1-Dan Shogi Player afterall. What's the point of giving myself the 1-Dan title if I don't even have that strength? Speaking of strength it's almost been a year playing Shogi and I still achieve 1-Dan! Uh oh. Looks like my dream of becoming a Professional Shogi player is still faraway...

Speaking of Kinokuniya I've made a special order....

I know the picture's a little blur but I've made a special subscription for a magazine called "Shogi Sekai" (Shogi World), which was only sold in the bookstores in Japan! It only cost RM40! It was cheap! This way I'll be more notify about Shogi events! WOOOHOOO! I just can't wait for the order to arrive on this incoming July! I hope you can see carefully I've made order for the June issue. Can't wait to read it soon! ^^

Lastly for the last pictures...

This is the Shogi board that I've mentioned months ago that I purchase from UK. And this will be the board that I'm going to let Habu-san signed when I go to Beijing at the end of this month! WOOHOO!

I think that's all. I've got my China visa done and air-tickets purchased, which means it's already confirm that I'll be going to Beijing to participate AISEP (Asian Intellectual Shogi Exchange Program). All things are going well and smooth for me. For this holiday, I'll be spending the whole day playing Shogi and I might probably write a story if I feel like it. =)

BTW, I will be going back to Brunei again next month. Hope you all enjoy your days!

Ryou Takehito

PS: Looks like I talked too much about Shogi for this journal again.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Hey all!

I finally get to go to Beijing to participate AISEP! WOOHOO! I can't my mom just agree to let me go! I'm SO SO SO SO SOOOOOO HAPPY! You just can't believe how many troubles I have to get through just to get myself to join this event.

First is convincing my mom. I have to lie to her that I was invited to join this event but the lie eventually became real. I spend considerable amount of time to gather all the informations by going to embassy of china and various places just to prove to her it's real.

Just when she was going to agree I had a car accident.  She immediately change her mind of not letting me go. I completely lose my hope of going to Beijing  It was my fault for getting the car banged and it should be a punishment for me not to go to Beijing. But I didn't give up. I continue to ask her, convince her and told her that she only needs to pay the air ticket expenses. She still hesitate to let me go but in the end she gave in. Now all I have to do is get my Visa done, buy the air ticket on Monday and then off I go!

Habu Beijing Here I come!

Hope to see you all real soon again!

Ryou Takehito

Saturday, May 3, 2008

AISEP (Shogi) Here I Come!

Hey all!

Before I begin, I would like to say that AISEP means Asian Intercultural Shogi Exchange Program and yes it has something to do with Shogi!
Today I receive the following e-mail which have make me the happiest man on Earth:

Note: The e-mail content is quoted in BOLD

Dear Aya*, Omi*, Ryou, Ken* and Yohji*

*names are fictional and Ryou have been used as my name to cover up my real name.

Greetings from AISEP COMMITTEE (^-^)

AISEP will be safely held on the dates we once scheduled !!!
And, we are very glad that we can welcome you to AISEP.

Finally, the Chinese governmental institution for cultural exchanging have accepted to take a responsibility for this project.
Of course, Japan Foundation is greatly supporting us too. (English) (Chinese)

1) Flight Ticket

We will subsidize you ......* (Currently it's almost equal to USD.....*)
Could you buy the round-trip flight ticket by your self?

*Money is not disclose for privacy.

The date you arrive at Beijing should be 30th May or before,
and the date you depart from Beijing should be 2nd June or later.

If you have any question, please feel free to ask me.

2) Accomodation

We decided the place we stay together.
......Hotel* this is one of the prestigious hotels in Beijing.

*Hotel's name is censored for privacy.

3) Pre-Research

We would like to ask you to do some pre-research.
The topic will be announced soon.

If you have any question, just ask me ASAP.

Kazuma Yamauchi
AISEP Tokyo Committee


I am so so glad that I got chosen for AISEP event and I get to meet my most favourite Shogi player - Yoshiharu Habu! The first thing I'm going to do is buy a permanent marker, bring my shogi set to Beijing and let him sign on it! WOOHOO! I guess luck is on my side for being passionate about playing Shogi for the rest of my life.

Though this is a very exciting news for me but there might be a chance that I won't be able to participate. You see, recently I've gotten myself into a car accident and ever since then my mom was considering of not letting me go. But I really hope I can convince my mom to let me go no matter what. I really really want to see Habu-san no matter what. After this year I might not be able to see him again in my life. I truly hope my mom can understand this small wish of mine. Still this is once in a life time experience for me. I want to go there no matter what.

Anyways I'm currently busy with my exam and I hope to play Shogi the whole night again after the next Thursday. I can't wait to use the Shogi book that my friends have bought for me during my birthday! But the only thing is I can't understand what the book is saying since it's all in Japanese and I can't read Japanese! Nevertheless I'm going to crack my head and use the book if I want to further improve my tesuji and skills.

That's all for today. More journal updates after the exams!

Ryou Takehito