Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's been a long long time


how is everyone? It has sure been a long time since I've last updated this blog, haven't I? Truth to be told, I was kind of demotivated of updating this blog, especially when I'm busy and every update will always take about three to four hours! I kid you not! Each and everytime I update my blog, I would spent about 3 or 4 hours just to plan, type and edit my post! Even if it were a short post, it would take at least an hour! I guess probably the time factor of updating the blog has really demotivated me, especially during busy times.

So any new updates on my side? One of the good news is that I managed to beat a 5-dan amateur and officially became a 2-dan amateur player. Although I'm still a new 2-dan player, I'm still kinda weak so I hope I can make myself a solid 2-dan player on my casual games.

Aside from achieving 2-dan, I was invited by Quintom Yap to his university MMU in Melaka to be an arbiter for his organized Dragon King Tournament, although it's a closed. Looking at all the preparations and the schedules prepared by him, I am greatly impressed at the effort that he has put into it so I'm giving a big shoutout to him! Nevertheless I am looking forward to visit his university on the 2nd of April.

What about me? What have I done? Recently I realised that I am slowly losing the fire in my soul regarding about Shogi. Of course everyday I would read up new Shogi strategies and replay new kifus played by pro kishi, but it seems that something is missing. Maybe my mindset about having a "fun game" in Shogi is wrong, these days even if I lose I won't feel a thing. Maybe I should have a mindset of "not losing" that could kindle the fire in my soul, just like when I started Shogi. Just like what would the Singaporeans would do, maybe I really should be more "kiasu"and hope to strive victorious in all the games. Anyways I really think the mindset of "having fun"should really go if I really want to improve a lot more from today onwards. Geez, I'm not really sure what I'm talking anymore. Hahaha. Anyways I can ensure you that my love for Shogi will still be there, as always.

I would really like to thank all those who have spend time reading my blog. I'll try my best to update alot more from now on. Thanks.

Ryou Takehito