Monday, June 14, 2010

End of Path... The Beginning of a New Journey


Tonight's the last night of me staying in Malaysia. I'll be returning back to Brunei temporary for my holidays and finally go to Australia in July to pursue my studies for 2 years in Melbourne.

I can't believe time passed by so quickly over the course of four years during my stay in Malaysia. Looking back at my old posts, I felt a great sense of achievement about my Shogi career - how I've started playing Shogi and tried to get my hands on Shogi equipments, how I've trained myself day and night trying to improve my skills and how I've travel and met great and challenging opponents. It has been a wild and fun ride, and I can't believe I'm still in love with Shogi!

If there's anyone out there asking me what is the only thing that I'm most proud of, I would definitely answered "My Shogi Career".

Although my journey in Malaysia has come to an end, it is only the conclusion of a chapter of my story. My journey, or my story, will still continue when I go to Australia for my studies, ensuring that I will achieve my 'real' dreams.

I want to thank you all fellow readers for accompanying with me in this great journey during my stay in Malaysia. I can't express how much it has been a great support to encourage me to continue my Shogi career. I hope you, the fellow reader, will continue to travel with me in Australia while I strive to achieve my dream in my Shogi career, as a proud Malaysia player.

Thank You All! And I hope to see Shogi players in Australia, if there's any! =)

Ryou Takehito

Achievements/Profile in Malaysia
1. Shogi Career: 2.5 years (as of June 2010)
2. Rank Improvement: Beginner to 2-dan Amateur (as of June 2010)
3. Met Yoshiharu Habu, Kazuharu Shoshi, Kunio Yonenaga and Daisuke Katagami
4. Represent Malaysia and participate in AISEP 2008 and 2009
5. Promoted Shogi in Taylor's University College
6. Inivited as an Arbiter in the MMU Dragon King Shogi Match (Closed)
7. Invited by Japan Club Kuala Lumpur members to promote Shogi in University Malaysia.
8. Participated the KL-Meijin tournament in 2009. Qualify in the preliminary round but lost in 2nd round of tournament (against 5-dan)
9. Met a lot of Shogi-related friends and acquaintance.
10. Last but not least, met Xinwen, my best friend, who had brought me into the wonderful world of Shogi and had change my life.