Saturday, November 20, 2010

Back in Malaysia!


I'm finally back in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but my stay will be until mid-December only.

My purpose of staying in Malaysia this time is to help my family with the Buddhist Event, so I won't be able to go to Japan Club Kuala Lumpur as much as possible. But today I did go to JCKL, so it was really great to see my friends again.

I am here to inform everyone in West Malaysia that this year's Shogi Festival is on again! Here's the details of the event:

Shogi Festival 2010
Date: 28th November 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 10.00am to 5.00pm
Location: 'Japan Club Kuala Lumpur', Fuji Room
Detailed Location: No. 2, Jalan 1/86, Off Jalan Taman Seputeh, 58000, Kuala Lumpur
Extra Info Location: it's just a small walk from Midvalley, roughly about 5 minutes.

1. Knockout Tournament with adult and child category
2. A talk by Kenji Kobayashi, 9-dan professional Shogi player
3. Strength evaluation by Kenji Kobayashi
4. Free Dinner?

There is a high possibility that I won't be able to participate in this wonderful event, so this is really disappointing for me. =/

Anyways if I manage to take out some free time to join, please wish me good luck if you happen to see me there!

Don't miss this chance to meet professional player who only came once a year and also participate the KL-Meijin-sen and become the next KL Meijin! If you miss this event, you might have a hard time to join this event again!

Good luck to those who are going to join the tournament!

Ryou Takehito

Friday, November 5, 2010

Japan Festival in Melbourne


exams are finally over for me and I can start concentrating on Shogi again! As I've mentioned in the post in AISEP staff blog, we are going to promote Shogi during the Japan Festival and here are some info for those who are interested in coming:

Japan Festival
Collingwood Town Hall
Collingwood, Australia
7th November 2010
11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Entry Fee: AU$5.00

So anyone who's interested in Japan Culture are welcomed to visit. Just remember to give us a shoutout whenever you're passing by the Shogi section! =)

Ryou Takehito

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Melbourne Update 2!


Sorry I haven't bee updating much. I've been busy with my studies, but I am still studying Shogi as usual. Exams are coming soon and I am actually sad that I am not able to play Shogi during this study period.

Anyways, I just published a lengthy post on this blog so you can read it:

I seriously can't wait for exams to be over. I was told by Darren (ramalam) that there's going to be a Japan Festival in November in Melbourne, and we are going to promote Shogi there! Unfortunately I don't have the details so I can't pinpoint the date and location of the event.

I will be going back to Malaysia on the 13th November for 3 weeks, so anyone in West Malaysia who's interested in playing Shogi can definitely meet me in Japan Club Kuala Lumpur on Saturday from 3pm to 8pm. The location is: No.2 Jalan 1/86, Off Jalan Taman Seputeh, Taman Seputeh, 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, located near Midvalley.

Ryou Takehito

Tuesday, July 20, 2010



I'm sorry I haven't been able to post anything for the last few weeks because I still do not have any internet connections at the moment! (I'm using my university's connection right now)

As everyone have guessed, I am now in Melbourne, currently in my 2nd week of stay and I'm really enjoying the cold winter in the city, although there isn't any snow at all. =/

Thanks to my previous post, I was able to meet up with a few Shogi players in Melbourne and it is really a great honour to join their gathering. =) A great thanks to Darren, who is the organizer of the gathering, for letting me know about the Shogi gathering so I can continue practising my Shogi by playing against Shogi players.

The sad thing about being in Melbourne is that there aren't any Japanese bookstores! (or I haven't been able to locate them) And Kinokuniya is only available in Sydney, which is hours of flight away! Fortunately I was able to find a Japanese gift shop that actually pre-orders magazines from Japan so I was able to subscribe myself copies of 'Shogi Sekai', which is a great thing for me to continue improving my shogi skills!

At the moment there isn't much happenings in Melbourne regarding Shogi for me, but I do hope I could get heavily involved with Shogi-related events in Melbourne in the coming future. I heard that there is a Shogi club in Monash University, so I might try to contact them someday.

If there is anyone who stays in Melbourne and is interested in learning or playing Shogi, please leave your contacts in the comments so we can meet up in Boxhill's train station this sunday!

Ryou Takehito

Monday, June 14, 2010

End of Path... The Beginning of a New Journey


Tonight's the last night of me staying in Malaysia. I'll be returning back to Brunei temporary for my holidays and finally go to Australia in July to pursue my studies for 2 years in Melbourne.

I can't believe time passed by so quickly over the course of four years during my stay in Malaysia. Looking back at my old posts, I felt a great sense of achievement about my Shogi career - how I've started playing Shogi and tried to get my hands on Shogi equipments, how I've trained myself day and night trying to improve my skills and how I've travel and met great and challenging opponents. It has been a wild and fun ride, and I can't believe I'm still in love with Shogi!

If there's anyone out there asking me what is the only thing that I'm most proud of, I would definitely answered "My Shogi Career".

Although my journey in Malaysia has come to an end, it is only the conclusion of a chapter of my story. My journey, or my story, will still continue when I go to Australia for my studies, ensuring that I will achieve my 'real' dreams.

I want to thank you all fellow readers for accompanying with me in this great journey during my stay in Malaysia. I can't express how much it has been a great support to encourage me to continue my Shogi career. I hope you, the fellow reader, will continue to travel with me in Australia while I strive to achieve my dream in my Shogi career, as a proud Malaysia player.

Thank You All! And I hope to see Shogi players in Australia, if there's any! =)

Ryou Takehito

Achievements/Profile in Malaysia
1. Shogi Career: 2.5 years (as of June 2010)
2. Rank Improvement: Beginner to 2-dan Amateur (as of June 2010)
3. Met Yoshiharu Habu, Kazuharu Shoshi, Kunio Yonenaga and Daisuke Katagami
4. Represent Malaysia and participate in AISEP 2008 and 2009
5. Promoted Shogi in Taylor's University College
6. Inivited as an Arbiter in the MMU Dragon King Shogi Match (Closed)
7. Invited by Japan Club Kuala Lumpur members to promote Shogi in University Malaysia.
8. Participated the KL-Meijin tournament in 2009. Qualify in the preliminary round but lost in 2nd round of tournament (against 5-dan)
9. Met a lot of Shogi-related friends and acquaintance.
10. Last but not least, met Xinwen, my best friend, who had brought me into the wonderful world of Shogi and had change my life.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Goodbye Malaysia... soon


As mention in my previous post, I was invited to MMU to be their arbiter. The overall experience was fun, and Nemonemo was being helpful during that time. Anyways more details can be read here:

I'm sure some of my 'Shogi friends' have heard me talking, but I am going to graduate soon in Malaysia by the end of May and I'm going to Australia to pursue further studies for a year. It's saddening to say this, but after I have graduated in Australia, I am planning to go back to my hometown, Negara Brunei Darussalam and start my working career. This means that I am only going to stay in Malaysia till the end of May and will not come back again. All I can say is that my three years of Shogi experience in Malaysia have been fruitful, and priceless. Of course I am still pursuing my dream of becoming a professional Shogi player while I'm in Brunei, but I have already planned my path after I've left Malaysia. Here's my plan.

1. July 2011 - going back to Brunei to work.
2. Around 2015 - 2016 - if my Shogi strength is still weak, I am going to quit my job, go to Japan and become a teaching pro.
3. After becoming a teaching pro, if my strength improves, I will try to go for professional license.

Basically that's my plan for the future, although short. Hahahaha. Again, I would like to stress that I am not planning to study in Japan, but if I manage to become a teaching professional, I will MOST likely go to Japan and work. The main reason why I'm staying in Brunei to work is because I have promise my family to support them. But after few years later, which my little sister has graduated from her university and start working, then I won't have to support my family anymore and FULLY concentrate on pursuing my dreams. I really wanted to stay in Malaysia and work, but supporting family comes first for me.

Anyways, to all the Malaysian Shogi players out there, thanks for watching or taking care of me all these times. Your kindness have been really grateful to me. Thanks. Nevertheless I'll still work hard in Shogi as usual! Gambatte!

Ryou Takehito

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's been a long long time


how is everyone? It has sure been a long time since I've last updated this blog, haven't I? Truth to be told, I was kind of demotivated of updating this blog, especially when I'm busy and every update will always take about three to four hours! I kid you not! Each and everytime I update my blog, I would spent about 3 or 4 hours just to plan, type and edit my post! Even if it were a short post, it would take at least an hour! I guess probably the time factor of updating the blog has really demotivated me, especially during busy times.

So any new updates on my side? One of the good news is that I managed to beat a 5-dan amateur and officially became a 2-dan amateur player. Although I'm still a new 2-dan player, I'm still kinda weak so I hope I can make myself a solid 2-dan player on my casual games.

Aside from achieving 2-dan, I was invited by Quintom Yap to his university MMU in Melaka to be an arbiter for his organized Dragon King Tournament, although it's a closed. Looking at all the preparations and the schedules prepared by him, I am greatly impressed at the effort that he has put into it so I'm giving a big shoutout to him! Nevertheless I am looking forward to visit his university on the 2nd of April.

What about me? What have I done? Recently I realised that I am slowly losing the fire in my soul regarding about Shogi. Of course everyday I would read up new Shogi strategies and replay new kifus played by pro kishi, but it seems that something is missing. Maybe my mindset about having a "fun game" in Shogi is wrong, these days even if I lose I won't feel a thing. Maybe I should have a mindset of "not losing" that could kindle the fire in my soul, just like when I started Shogi. Just like what would the Singaporeans would do, maybe I really should be more "kiasu"and hope to strive victorious in all the games. Anyways I really think the mindset of "having fun"should really go if I really want to improve a lot more from today onwards. Geez, I'm not really sure what I'm talking anymore. Hahaha. Anyways I can ensure you that my love for Shogi will still be there, as always.

I would really like to thank all those who have spend time reading my blog. I'll try my best to update alot more from now on. Thanks.

Ryou Takehito

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy 2010!


Happy new year to all of you! If all of you have been suspecting, I have not retired from the world of Shogi! I just happened to be busy with some house chores and family so I couldn't really find the time to blog. Before I begin talking about this year's resolutions, let's look at at my previous new year resolutions and see if I have any accomplishments or not.

2009 New Year Resolutions:
1. Achieved 2-Dan amateur within this year!
2. Read up at least 3 psychology books.
3. Write at least 3 stories this year.

Okay, it seems that I did not achieve 2-dan amateur last year, but I promised I am going to become a 2-dan player soon. Last year I have an evaluation game with Kenji Kobayashi pro 9-dan and he evaluated my strength as 2-dan, but I felt strongly that I do not possess that strength yet. I've been trying to solve a 1-dan, 2-dan and 3-dan tsumeshogi problems with more than 15 moves (I will show the picture of the book in the next post) and I was able to solve every questions with a little ease and without a hint.

I did read up a psychology book last year, but failed to read 3 books because due to some "unnecessary" circumstances I was forced to work on my college 'group' assignments all alone, thus taking up a lot more of my time.

Although the stories are in bits and pieces, I did not write any story at all (which by the way are my other hobbies in case you're wondering.) Therefore I did not accomplished any of my new year resolutions. *sigh* What a bummer.

But looking back at the year 2009, I felt that I've made a lot of accomplishments.
1. I've successfully went to Japan, which has always been my dream country of visit ever since I was a child.
2. I've meet a lot of helpful Shogi players in Japan who have supported me in various ways, especially to Mr. Ishimaru, Yuki Kasai, Mr. Kunio Yonenaga, Nakamura Taichi, Mr. Yoshiharu Habu, Ryoya Tone, Yoh Hosokawa (thanks for all the help!), Kazuki Enomoto and others. Thanks for all your support and help during my stay in Japan!
3. I've met new Malaysian Shogi players, ESPECIALLY notably to Mr. Yeoh, who has given me some help and courage.
4. Made new Japanese friends in Japan Club Kuala Lumpur, who have been very friendly to me.
5. And other bits and pieces of accomplishments which I can't seem to remember. Hahaha.

Now onto my 2010 NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS!
1. Achieve 2-dan (or 3-dan) amateur in Shogi
2. Write up at least a story
3. Meet more Shogi players.

Lastly an important announcement to all Malaysia Shogi players!

It seems that there are more and more Malaysians playing Shogi so I have been thinking about setting up a 'mini' tournament in West Malaysia (only). It will going to be a friendly tournament so if you're new to Shogi it's all okay! If any Malaysians are interested in making this tournament a reality, please leave down your name (or web-name) and e-mail in my comment and if I felt that there are enough number of players, I AM GLAD to set up a mini tournament for all Malaysians out there.

To summarise it:
1. I need to know how many players are going to join the tournament by commenting on this post. If I felt that there are enough players to join the tournament, I will set it up. Please leave down your name (or web-name) and e-mail in the comments!
2. The purpose of this tournament is just to meet up all the Malaysian players, make friends and have fun. Although it is a tournament, you don't have to be strong or serious in the match. Therefore if you're new to Shogi, you're welcome too!
3. After I've decided to set up the tournament, EVERYONE should be participating in a discussion on how we can set up the tournament. Afterall, I'm only a student so obviously I can't set up everything by myself.
4. HOWEVER the the tournament MUST be set-up before May (with 31st April being the last day) so everyone must give me your answer as early as possible!

Therefore I am asking every Malaysian Shogi players to lend me hands and show me the enthusiasm of creating this mini-tournament! This will be a great opportunity to know that there are Shogi players in Malaysia!

I'm looking forward to great results!

Ryou Takehito