Saturday, June 13, 2009

Industrial Training Days


it seems that I am still heavily involve with Shogi eventhough I am busy with my industrial training (or attachment). I guess I can't really live life without Shogi. *smiles*

When I was given my own computer to use for my work, I immediately change the wallpaper to Shogi. A lot of my colleagues ask me what it is and I told them it's Shogi. Fortunately, one of my colleagues is interested in learning so I taught her a few basics! Unfortunately we are always busy so we never had a game against each other. I really hope I was able to play a game with her someday.

Whenever I have free time during my working hours, I would take out my Shogi books and read it. Why waste my time doing nothing when I can use the time to improve my Shogi? But I really hope my boss don't mind me reading Shogi books during working hours. =P

Looks like I will be going to Japan afterall!

(sorry about my over-excitement)

Unfortunately I will be missing my first week of my college's semester because AISEP will be starting on 27th July, which is my first day of my new semester! But who cares? I get to go to Japan! =P=P=P=P=P=P=P=P

I just had a chat with the host of AISEP, Yuki Kasai, and I am really looking forward to meet everyone in AISEP again this year, especially in the origin land of Shogi - JAPAN!

(okay, too much excitement =.=|||)

Ryou Takehito