Sunday, February 1, 2009

First Game Review

Hey all!

Sorry that I haven't been updating much. Basically nothing much has happened except me reading Shogi books. Since I don't really know what else to talk, I'm going to post up someone's game (definitely NOT mine) that I have reviewed recently. To remind everyone again, I only have a strength of 1-Dan amateur so please do not expect a professional review from me. If any Shogi players have any suggestions, opinions, ideas or complains, please do so in the comments link. I hope more Shogi players can discussed about this game with me.

Before posting up the review, I hope that the player is not offended by me for posting up his kifu (game records) without asking his permission first. Nevertheless here's the review done by me:

Sente: Spear v1.4 - level 2
Gote: Human Player

1. P7F   P3D

2. P1F   P4D

This move signals three meanings. (a) Prevent trade of Bishop, (b) Trying to play a ranging rook, or (c) trying to make a Yagura without trading bishops.

3. P6F   S4B

This move could signal proably a ranging rook (most probably) or a Yagura.

4. R6H

Since opponent is playing a ranging rook, Gote have two choices: (a) play an anaguma by S3C and later a S2B, or (b) playing a double ranging rook.

4. ....   G6B

Not much of a comment on this move but I personally think Gote should play G5B, S6B, S5C for an attacking formation. Playing G5B also helps Gote to complete the "Complete Anaguma' in a move faster. Then again, I cannot say that this is a bad move.

5. G(6I)5H

I realise that the lastest version of Spear is weaker than the older version. Normally Spear would perfer to move it's King first, since it's the basics of the basics in Joseki. Or S3H, signalling a mino castle.

5. ....   P8D

6. P3F

It's too early to play this move for Spear.

6. ....   P8E

7. P9F

Again, this is a very bad move for Spear/Sente. I have never seen Spear/Sente made such a bad move before. Spear should move B7G as this is the basics of a ranging rook. If not, Gote will gain an upper hand in breaking into Sente's base.

7. ....   G3B

Not exactly a bad move but Gote should take this opportunity to punish Sente's bad move by P8F! ....Px8F (forced move) Rx8F B7G and Rx8I+! It's already a huge advantage for Gote as Gote have a promoted Rook and an extra material (knight) in hand!

8. G6G

A senseless move as Spear/Sente should try to cover its mistake by B7G!

8. ....   S7B

Again, Gote should try to exploit Sente's weakness by P8F.

9. P2F

Another senseless move.

9. ....   K4A

Should have P8F a long time ago for an early victory.

10. S4H

Hoping to aim for a center castle???

10. ....   K3A

It's true that a sitting king is a sitting duck but if there's a chance to exploit your enemy's weakness, do it now! P8F!

11. L1H

Probably to prevent Bishop from taking it and promoting Bishop at the same time in the later  future. If Sente moves L1H the Bishop needs to take two turns instead of one to get promote and also capture Sente's lance.

11. ....   B3C

12. N7G   P8F

I think it's a little too late because of the knight at 7G, which Sente might have a chance to block Gote's rook from breaking into the base.

13. P3E   P4E

If Gote's afraid of his bishop getting captured, the bishop could always escape to 2B as the pawn has no potential threaten to Gote's base. But then again Gote will have a chance to promote it at 2H or 1I. But what if Sente make 5F as his next move? Then the bishop will never have the chance to promote it. OR ....B5E   S3G! Bishop has no chance to promote it and it's a waste of turn.

14. Px8F   Rx8F

15. Px3D   B5E

16. P3C+

Probably trying to sacrifice the pawn so Sente can drop it back at 3G.

16. ....   Sx3C

17. P6E   B1I+

18. P'3D   S4B

19. P1E   P7D

Not sure what Gote is trying to do (probably trying to bring the knight or silver into attack), but Gote could try taking the lance at 1H first to give yourself a supporting attack.

20. B9G   R8I+

21. P1D

If you had taken the lance earlier, P1D wouldn't look so threatening now.

22. .... +Bx1H

23. Px1C+   Nx1C

Do not take it with knight as (a) Sente has a pawn in hand and (b) Sente's pawn is at 2F which he can easily get a free knight.

24. P'1D

Winning a free knight.

24. ....   G2B

Earlier at move 18, I would recommend S2B but seeing that S4B is an okay move so I made no comment about it. Then again Gote's G2B have made the king's position a little 'unprotective'. Or Gote could ignore G2B because taking the pawn with lance will give Gote no threat at all... for now.

25. B8H   P'8G

Gote should try P'8F instead. That way Gote can promote his pawn at 8G. Sente cannot defend the pawn from promoting with silver since Gote is forking the silver and king with his dragon. Therefore Sente has no total defense against the promotion of pawn at 8G.

26. B9G

A clear evidence of why Gote should have played P'8F.

26. ....   +Rx9I

27. Px1C+   Gx1C

Look carefully at Gote's king's position and you will see that Gote's king's defense is disrupted or scattered.

28. N'8I   L'8H

Oh my god! It's a free kill with +Rx8I! Gote don't need to drop the lance at all!

29. G5F   S7C

Sente's attack is too weak or slow so Gote should strike the iron while it's hot with Lx8I+! If hedo, Sente's position is weakened too strong!

30. Sx8H   Px8H+

31. Rx8H   L'8D

Not a good move because Sente can P'8E and get a free lance! If Gote's afraid of Sente promoting the rook, Gote should P'8D for a safe play to ensure a solid victory.

32. L'8G   P'8F

33. Lx8F   S'7I

34. R7H   +Rx8I

Maybe Gote can try P'8H?

35. Rx7I   +R9H

Gote can try N'6G. forking the rook and king at the same time! That way Gote can remove the threat of the rook at 7I and also continue to put pressure on Sente's King!

36. Lx8D   K4A

Gote should remove the lance first at 8D with silver but then again lance is not too much of a threat.

37. L'6G   G2D

Maybe Gote can try +Rx9G as it removes Sente's defenses and also increases Gote's supporting attacks.

38. +P3C   Sx3C

39. S'8H

The resason why Gote should +Rx9G. Now Sente is increasing it's defense.

39. ....   P'8G

A good move but if you have +Rx9G earlier Gote wouldn't have to waste an exta turn with this move.

40. Lx8A+   Px8H+

41. R6I   +P7H

42. +Lx9A   +Px6I

S'6H for the win as

(a) .... S'6H    Rx6H +Px6H checkmate! or

(b) .... S'6H    K5H Sx6I   K5I +P6H checkmate!

43. Kx6I   R'8I

Not a good move as Sente can defend by dropping a piece on 7I.

44. N'7I   S'6H

Could also try S'7H as:

(a) .... S'7H   K6H Sx7I=  (the rest are checkmate moves)

(b) .... S'7H   K5H Sx7I=  (the rest are checkmate moves)

(c) .... S'7H   K5I Sx6G+   L'6I L'6H   G3H Lx6I+   K4I S5H+   K3I N'2G   Gx2G +Sx4H checkmate! (need to recheck with this variation)

Nevertheless it's still not a bad move.

45. K5H   Rx7I+

Should have Sx7I= for a checkmate!

46. L'4C   K5A

47. Bx7I   Sx71+

Should have Sx71= for the checkmate as

(a) R' 6H +Rx6H  checkmate, or

(b) K6I (or K5I) +R6H checkmate!

48. R'6H   B'6I

49. K5I   B7H+

Should have +Rx6H for the checkmate as Kx6H B7H+ (the rest are checkmate moves)

50. Rx7H   +Sx7H

Should capture with dragon for easier win. (for the rest of the moves I'm too lazy to list out the checkmate moves as there are too many to type out)

51.S3G   +S6I

52. Kx6I   +B2G

53. G5H   R'8I

54. S'7I   +B4I

55. G6H   N'8G

56. B'9G   Nx7I+

57. Bx7I   S'5I

58. P'8H   N'8G

59. G7H   Nx7I

60. Gx7I   +Bx6G

61. Kx5I   Rx7I+

62. Resign


Remarks and Opinions: Sente's joseki is horrible however at the end game it's strategy of defense is good. As for Gote, he failed to realise his attack in the early of the game, therefore he should improve his concentration. Gote should seriously practise ALOT OF Tsume Shogi since he have missed too many checkmate opportunities! Improving concentration will not only improve Gote's tsume shogi but also his gameplay!


Sente's Strength: 13kyu
Gote's Strength: 13kyu

I hope that this game review has also help other Shogi beginners to improve their Shogi.

Ryou Takehito