Saturday, November 28, 2009

To move, or not to move?


Starting this week, I am going to post the kifu of all the games that I've played in Japan Club Kuala Lumpur and going to give deep analysis of all my games so I can see my own improvements or how I can make my game better. However there is just one problem.

Blogspot does not allow me to upload swf files. which is essential for me to post my game. But in I will be able to upload the games' kifus with ease. Now here's my question: should I continue blogging with Blogspot or Typepad?

I certainly do not want to lose all my memories and comments in Blogspot, but I also do not want to waste alot of time just to upload a kifu.

For now I'm uploading a simple flash, but I do hope I will be able to upload a better version in the near future. So for now please advise that should I choose Blogspot or Typepad.

Ryou Takehito

Friday, November 20, 2009

Mini Shogi Interview


A lot of people read my blog, and I believe that everyone is curious about my Shogi play style, right? This is a small interview about myself to let players know (especially my opponents who have played against me like Paul Luk, Xinwen, Erwann and so on) so that they can get to know a little better of me, especially due to the fact that I'm always changing my strategy and play style. Here goes!

1. Static or Ranging Rook player?
I have always strive to be a flexible player, excel in both static and ranging rook Joseki, but according to my post in, it seems that I am suppose to choose. After eight months have passed, I think I still prefer to be both a static and ranging rook player so expect me to play all sorts of Joseki against you!

2. Lucky Item during a serious match?
This one is easy. It's the fan given by Kazuharu Shoshi-sensei. I will always bring it with me whenever I'm going to get serious in Shogi matches/games.

3. Favourite Shogi players of all times?
This is a difficult question! I actually admire a lot of professional players like Moriuchi-sensei, Akira Watanabe, Koji Tanigawa, Sato Yasumitsu, Kubo-sensei, Fujii Takeshi and so on, but if I have to choose one I guess most probably is Yoshiharu Habu-sensei. Afterall, it was Habu-sensei's games that have motivate me to get serious in Shogi.

4. Favourite Static Rook player of all times?
Definitely Yoshiharu Habu-sensei!

5. Favourite Ranging Rook player of all times?
Toshiaki Kubo! The best of the best ranging rook player out there! I really love his games alot, especially his Central Rook Opening (Nakabisha) games!

6. Favourite Amateur player of all times?
I'm giving a huge shoutout to Hidetchi, Manabu Terao and Yuki Kasai for giving alot alot ALOT of contribution to the society by promoting Shogi. The effort and passion that they have showed really touched and impressed my heart. Although I've never seen Hidetchi's and Manabu Terao's games, but I believe that they're excellent players with high skill levels.

7. Most spent time on Joseki?
The time that I have spent the most on studying Joseki is Yagura Joseki, especially the Morishita System.

8. Most spent time on Joseki (ranging rook)?
The time spent mostly on studying is the Fourth File Ranging Rook (Shikenbisha) because I was studying Ibisha Anaguma last time (, which covers the Fujii System, and I also read a little about it from Kenji Kobayashi's book.
9. Favourite Joseki of all times (playing)?
Another difficult question for me as I played all sorts of Joseki. Most probably the Kakugawari (Bishop Exchange). It's true that I spent a lot of time reading Yagura Joseki (without the Bishop Exchange), but I really hate playing it as I believe it has a great disadvantages for Sente (or black player), but I'm still investing my time reading it anyway!

10. Favourite Ranging Rook Joseki of all times (playing)?
This is another difficult question. I personally like playing Central Rook Opening because it's interesting, but I hate the fact that I can't make a complete Mino Castle (gold at 5h) because the Rook is blocking it and the left side of my castle is a little empty! I have been playing a lot of Opposing Rook recently but still I like Central Rook Opening because it is tough, challenging and exciting for me to play!

11. Favourite Static Rook Joseki of all times (watching)?
I really enjoy Yodofudori (side pawn kicker) games as it is complex and exciting. I saw too many Yagura games and starting to feel a little drowsy about it but I'm still excited to watch a Yagura game.

12. Favourite Ranging Rook Joseki of all times (watching)?
Gokigen Nakabisha! Fast paced game and truly exciting! One of my most favourite game is between Habu-sensei and Kubo-sensei in the 57th Osho-sen game 2:

13. Favourite Castle of all times?
Errrrr.... another tough one. I spent most of my time making a Yagura castle, but I really hate this castle as almost everyone knows how to exploit it, but then again I still think I like Yagura castle the most. =P

14. Most hated Joseki of all times?
Central Rook Opening (Nakabisha). The reason why I hate playing against a Nakabisha is because the Japanese old man in Japan Club always play Nakabisha against me, and I found that it usually ends up as a tough match for me to beat him, which is a little annoying to me. ( To pay back my respect, I fight fire with fire and played a double Nakabisha against him, which I gained victory. However during our last double Nakabisha game, which is just a few weeks ago, I faced a total defeat against him. I think that's when it change my mind about playing Nakabisha and decided to try using a special ranging rook strategy Opposing Rook. I guess I can't beat a true Nakabisha player. =)

15. Most hated castle of all times?
I used to be afraid of Anaguma, but now that I've learned Ibisha Anaguma, countering it is no longer a problem for me, even during a handicapped game when my opponent is building an Anaguma while I'm playing without a Rook and a Bishop and still won the game. Eh, Alex Chan? =P Like I've stated before, I hate Yagura castle and will definitely spend tremendous amount of time studying on ELIMINATING it.

16. Favourite play style?
Fast and exciting, which both me and my opponents' kings are in high danger without castling. But I still truly enjoy slow-paced games.

17. Hated play style?
Fast-paced games, especially when I make one wrong move and the game is immediately over. I also hated slow-paced games that result in "dreadlock", where both me and my opponent have spent all of our "development moves" and "waste a turn move" and whoever starts the battle first will lose the game immediately. This is not fun at all.

18. Specialty?
My specialty? Hahahaha. To be honest with you all, I'm also not sure what's my specialty because I've been playing too many different kinds of Joseki and strategy. But if I were to choose one, then I guess most probably it's the Yagura Joseki because of the large amount of time I've spent on it, although I really hope I can be more specialise in Kakugawari. Kakugawari really piqued my interest alot.

19. Most Favourite Shogi picture?
My game against Chen Xinwen when I first started playing Shogi in 2007. This game actually lasted for about 3 hours because we're still new to Shogi and we just basically put all our captured pieces back during the endgame, which drags the game too much. But I have been using this as my wallpaper ever since I've gotten this picture and never EVER had I change the wallpaper once before! Definitely my most favourite Shogi picture as it represents a deep and memorable meaning for me.
(Analysis of the game for the curious: Left player moves first will gain advantage but if Right player moves first he'll gain advantage. But I forget who's suppose to move next =.=||)

As I would like to end the interview in 20 questions, I'm adding a random question in:

20. Favourite I-Go players of all times?
Chang Hsu (or Cho-U: ), Chen Xinwen and Ho Hock Doong.

Okay, that's all! I hope you all enjoy it! I hope that this answers those who are curious about my Shogi life. Once again, hope you all take care and I'll see ya in the next post!

Ryou Takehito

(PS: Exam starts in 6 hours and now it's 2.00 a.m.! X_X )

Extra PS: Other Shogi players are welcome to use these Shogi interview questions and do your own interview! But please please please do leave the link in my comment so I can read yours as a sign of courtesy! =)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fun Interesting Fact


On the year 2005, Takehiro Ohira won the Ryuo-oh-sen league game in just 52 minutes, which each player has a thinking time of 5 hours!

So that he can reach Zone's final concert!


Koichi Kodama (Sente) against Takehiro Ohira (Gote)
Thinking Time: 5 hours per player.

Ryou Takehito

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I love being busy


sorry that I haven't been updating much because I didn't expect my college assignments could have taken up most of my time. As a result of it, I didn't spend time on reading 'Basic Joseki Essense: Kakugawari' but instead I have spent more time on solving Tsume-shogi!

I remember Hidetchi once wrote this in a personal message to me:

"Most of the professional players say they solved all the problems in Shogi Zukou and Shogi Musou when they were in Shoureikai."

As I do have plans to become a professional player myself, I've spent a lot of time solving 7 to 11 moves Tsume-Shogi, especially since solving 5 moves and below will only take less than 10 seconds for me to solve. In these two years I've spent more time in solving 5 moves and less Tsume Shogi, so you can say that solving 7 - 11 moves Tsume-Shogi is my first real challenge in my Shogi life, although I did try them out before but never put a lot of attention to them. Out of 20 questions I could solve about 16 or 17 problems, although it have taken some time for me to solve. But I am glad that I was able to solve those questions much better with less than 5 minutes as I continue to progress through the questions. Lastly all I can say is that it seems like my path to become a professional player is SUPER tough but I'll keep on trying out my best!

Below are some of the questions that I've tried so I hope you can give it a try! Please highlight the hidden words next to the question picture to reveal the answer!

Question 1:
7 moves - 15 minutes

1. L23+
2. Sx23

3. R'11
4. Kx11

5. L'13
6. S12

7. N23=

Question 2:

7 moves - 15 minutes

1. G'12
2. Lx12

3. N'14
4. Kx13

5. G'24
6. Px24

7. S'22

Question 3:

7 moves - 15 minutes

1. N'43
2. K32

3. S'41
4. Rx41

5. N31+
6. Rx31

7. G'42

Question 4:

7 moves - 15 minutes

1. S'22
2. Kx22

3. +B32
4. K13

5. G'24
6. Px24

7. R15

Question 5:

7 moves - 15 minutes

1. B34
2. K22

3. N33+
4. Nx33

5. R11+
6. Kx11

7. G'12

Question 6:

7 moves - 15 minutes

1. S21+
2. K23

3. S'12
4. Lx12

5. +S22
6. Kx22

7. R'21

Question 7:

7 moves - 15 minutes

1. B21+
2. K13

3. +B22
4. Kx22

5. R'21
6. K33

7. B43+

Question 8:

7 moves - 15 minutes

1. B'44
2. K13

3. B35
4. K22

5. S31=
6. Kx31

7. G'32

Question 9:

7 moves - 15 minutes

1. B'11
2. K21

3. N'33

5. B22+
6. Kx22

7. G'12

Question 10:

7 moves - 15 minutes

1. B'33
2. K12

3. +B34
4. Sx34

5. S21=
6. Kx21

7. G'22

Question 11:

7 moves - 15 minutes

1. B'32
2. Sx32

3. +R33
4. Kx33

5. B'42
6. K23

7. B24+

Question 12:

7 moves - 15 minutes

1. R'42
2. Kx33

3. R'34
4. Gx34
5. R22+
6. K43
7. +R42

Question 13:
7 moves - 10 minutes

1. R'11
2. Kx11
3. L'13
4. Nx13
5. B'33
6. K12
7. B22+

Question 14:
7 moves - 10 minutes

1. R24
2. Px24
3. P'15
4. K23
5. L33+
6. K12
7. +L22

Question 15:
7 moves - 10 minutes

1. R'16
2. K25
3. S'14
4. +Px14
5. R15
6. +Px15
7. G'24

Question 16:
7 moves - 10 minutes

1. B'42
2. K32
3. N'24
4. Px24
5. B33+
6. Kx33
7. +R43

Question 17:
7 moves - 10 minutes

1. +B33
2. Nx33
3. B43+
4. K24
5. P'25
6. Nx25
7. +B33

Question 18:
7 moves - 10 minutes

1. R'12
2. Kx12
3. N'24
4. +Bx24
5. S23=
6. Kx23
7. B'12

Question 19:
9 moves - 15 minutes

1. B'13
2. K21
3. B'12
4. Sx12
5. B31+
6. Kx31
7. L'33
8. K22
9. L32+

Question 20:
9 moves - 15 minutes

1. S'12
2. Gx12
3. S'32
4. K22
5. S31=
6. K21
7. +Rx12
8. Kx12
9. G'22

I hope you all are about to solve about 10 questions. =) See you all next time!

Ryou Takehito