Sunday, July 26, 2009

Plans for AISEP


because I don't really have much time (I'm flying today), I will briefly update my plans during my stay in Japan.

1. Buy new Shogi sets
2. Help Mr. Yeoh buy 2 Shogi sets
3. Buy Weiss kreuz Last Live 03 Tagesanbruch concert DVD
4. Buy sourvenirs for family
5. Helping a friend purchase 'Go' books
6. Helping another friend purchase tea leaves
7. Find out the salary of Professional Shogi players (4 dan)
8. Find out the daily household expenses.
9. Find out the living expenses in Japan (as I have plans to work in Japan in the future)

And lastly
10. Enjoy Shogi to the fullest!

I'll be sure to make a report of it after my return from Japan so look forward to my report! =)

Ryou Takehito

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

An Easy Guess


my attachments are finally over so try and guess what I have been doing over my holidays. It'll be an easy guess, I promise! =P

I will be returning to Malaysia on this coming Saturday (25th July) and will head straight for Japan on the next day. My preparations for AISEP have been going smoothly but I still need to polish my Shogi skills this week!

A little note to everyone that I am not participating in Yingde Cup this year, which is held in Shanghai, because the air ticket's expensive and I am going to be busy with my new semester.

So what are my plans when my new semester begins? First I would like to 're-study' my old Shogi books to master the basics. A year is going to pass soon and I haven't achieve 2-dan amateur yet! =/

Secondly I might be going to give some Shogi 'coaching' at an university, depending on how passionate the club members are. I think I will have to give more thoughts about it before I agree to teach Shogi.

I think that's all for now. I'll talk more about AISEP and my plans in Japan in my next post so I hope you all have a great day!

Ryou Takehito

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thoughts for the Moment


Sorry that I haven't been updating this blog for a long time. Internship has really kept me busy and I haven't been able to spend some time with Shogi. ='(

Without concentrating on Shogi for the past few weeks (although I did read the lastest professional players' kifus everyday), I have been using these times to reflect on myself regarding my skills in Shogi.

It has been more than half a year since I've said that I'm going to achieve 2-dan strength within this year. I strongly believe that I have improved alot since the beginning of the year, making me a more stable 1-dan player. Now I am able to solve Tsume-Shogi without the use of equipments and programs.

Because of Shogi, my level of concentration has improve drastically that I was able to focus on a specific task without being distracted. With my current level of concentration, I was able to spend more time to search for the best move in Shogi. I have always hope that I could spend more time for a move because I would want to play a Shogi game with 8 hours thinking time per player. I feel excited if I could play a 2-day Shogi game, just like a professional match!

Whenever I don't have any Shogi books with me, I would thought up a Shogi scenario and try to experiment a few moves in my 'mind'.

It has been seven months, and I still feel that I am a weak Shogi player. Am I able to achieve 2-dan this year, and show people my strength who have high expectations for me?

There is only a week left for my attachment. I really hope I can start spending more time on Shogi as soon as my attachment is over.

Nevertheless, my love for Shogi will be always.

Ryou Takehito