Thursday, October 30, 2008

Third Great Anticipation in Life

Hey all,

I have receive the e-mail below...


Your order from WORD POWER BOOKS has been successful

The unique reference for this transaction is: ...........................

Dear Ryou Takehito

Thank you for your order. Your card was authorised successfully but NO money has been debited from your account. Your card will only be debited when WORD POWER BOOKS review the order and release the payment.

If Items in stock, posted within 24 hours. Otherwise expected despatch within 3 to 10 working days.

Please quote your order number ................... in all correspondence with either WORD POWER BOOKS or Protx.

Bullet Point Order total: 16.24 GBP

Bullet Point You bought: Word Power Books
Description Quantity Item Value Item Tax Item Total Line Total
Habu's Words (9780953108923) 1 12.50 0.00 12.50 12.5
Delivery --- --- --- --- 6.36

If you have any questions regarding your order, delivery details or items purchased, please contact WORD POWER BOOKS directly via details on their website WORD POWER BOOKS.

This payment was processed by Protx, a third-party payment service provider. If you have any questions regarding the online card payment system, contact protx at:

Please be aware that Protx has no involvement with the fulfilment of orders placed through this web site. If you have any issues regarding your order please contact WORD POWER BOOKS directly.


Try and guess what kind of book I have purchased a week ago! Almost everyday I would peep into my mailbox, hoping it has arrived. I hope I can receive it by the end of of this week. Anyways I can't wait for the book to arrive so I can study it throughout the night just like when I first gotten my "Art of Shogi"!

And also, this picture is a few months old but this is one of the Japanese man whom I can't defeat at all. He is just too strong!! (About 1-dan amateur, I think)

Ryou Takehito

PS: Can you find Shoshi-sensei's fan in the picture? =3

Friday, October 10, 2008


Hey all,

it's been more than a month. Actually I haven't played Shogi for almost a month. It's not that I have finally got bored of Shogi, it's just that my college assignments and test are too much that if I play Shogi it will lessen the amount of my time focusing in my studies and thus it will make my results worser.

I feel irritate that I can't spend more time on Shogi than my college studies. I hope I can focus more on Shogi again once this semester is over.

However I still do at least one tsume Shogi per day and read Shogi magazines whenever I'm having dinner.

Ryou Takehito