Saturday, April 16, 2016

Shogi meet in Brunei

Hey all,

Recently I've been in contact with the founder of Brunei Go Association (many great thanks to Chin Sin Voon!) in Brunei to let me use some part of the room during their regular meet.

As such, starting since last week (9 April 2016), there will be a regular Shogi meet. For those who resides in Brunei who are interested to learn or play Shogi we will have the meet at this location:

Day: Every Saturday
Time: 8pm till 10pm
Location: Capital Residential Suite (behind Pusat Belia)

I personally will be there to either study Shogi or teach so please feel free to come and join us!
We also have Go (weiqi), and I'll also showcase Dobutsu Shogi for newcomers and curious players!

Brunei players, hope to meet you all soon! =)

Ryou Takehito