Saturday, May 1, 2010

Goodbye Malaysia... soon


As mention in my previous post, I was invited to MMU to be their arbiter. The overall experience was fun, and Nemonemo was being helpful during that time. Anyways more details can be read here:

I'm sure some of my 'Shogi friends' have heard me talking, but I am going to graduate soon in Malaysia by the end of May and I'm going to Australia to pursue further studies for a year. It's saddening to say this, but after I have graduated in Australia, I am planning to go back to my hometown, Negara Brunei Darussalam and start my working career. This means that I am only going to stay in Malaysia till the end of May and will not come back again. All I can say is that my three years of Shogi experience in Malaysia have been fruitful, and priceless. Of course I am still pursuing my dream of becoming a professional Shogi player while I'm in Brunei, but I have already planned my path after I've left Malaysia. Here's my plan.

1. July 2011 - going back to Brunei to work.
2. Around 2015 - 2016 - if my Shogi strength is still weak, I am going to quit my job, go to Japan and become a teaching pro.
3. After becoming a teaching pro, if my strength improves, I will try to go for professional license.

Basically that's my plan for the future, although short. Hahahaha. Again, I would like to stress that I am not planning to study in Japan, but if I manage to become a teaching professional, I will MOST likely go to Japan and work. The main reason why I'm staying in Brunei to work is because I have promise my family to support them. But after few years later, which my little sister has graduated from her university and start working, then I won't have to support my family anymore and FULLY concentrate on pursuing my dreams. I really wanted to stay in Malaysia and work, but supporting family comes first for me.

Anyways, to all the Malaysian Shogi players out there, thanks for watching or taking care of me all these times. Your kindness have been really grateful to me. Thanks. Nevertheless I'll still work hard in Shogi as usual! Gambatte!

Ryou Takehito