Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Temporary Farewell


as what the title has suggested, this blog will be undergoing a hiatus for the moment because there has been lots of new things entering my life. At the moment I won't be focusing too much on my Shogi studies but I'll definitely join the weekly Shogi gatherings in Melbourne and also try to promote Shogi in June.

So what are the reasons for my temporary inactivity in Shogi? Well, I've recently pick up a guitar and I'm learning it from scratch. I've been thinking of learning the guitar for years and just a month ago I've decided to give it a try. I actually love music alot, especially rock music so I was thinking why not learn how to play the guitar so I could play my favourite songs? Learning the guitar is no easy thing for a beginner and it has taken up a tremendous amount of time just to get my fingers used to chords and chords changing. My finger tips are a little sore as I'm typing right now. =)

Another reason for the lack of time is the assignments! Assignments are getting heavier and heavier by the end of this semester and exams are coming up next month! I've gotta study and make preparations for exams.

Lastly, I would like to say is that I finally have a girlfriend. =) Since our relationship has just started so I personally think that it's important to spend more time with her and build up our relationship. She is an understanding person and would willing to sacrifice "our bonding time" so I could focus on my stuff, but I don't want her to do that so that's why I'm using some of my "leisure or free" time with her.

This is not a farewell. After I've managed to master the guitar and get my studies over, I'll be sure to come back with a loud BANG! =)

Hope you guys will continue on with your Shogi journey!

Ryou Takehito

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